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It must be medication time…

My head gets cloudy. My thoughts get wavy. My eyes get tired. I stop motion. I lose thought pattern. The beasties are coming.
Or it’s the opposite. The music’s too loud. I’m talking to myself. I’m jumping from site to site.

Either way, I know it’s time for my meds. I don’t harm myself, anymore. I’ve never harmed another. I’ve done the zombie shuffle of too many meds. But, I know that I need them to function.

I don’t hate my meds. I’m damn grateful for them. If it weren’t for the advancements in pharmacology; I’d be dead or institutionalized or worse… lobotomized. That’s what they use to do to the mentally ill. Lock us away and experiment. No rights, no voice, just throw away rejects.

I know it’s time for my meds. I’m slowing down and it’s getting harder to articulate. So… Off I go.


2 thoughts on “It must be medication time…

  1. I second what carlarenee says! I would be in a world of trouble without mine too… but sometimes I do hate them! Better than a lobotomy though.

    Great post… serious but had me giggling…


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