Yesterday I saw my psychologist. Medication time!!! She upped my Xanax and we talked a bit about what I was going thru with perimenopause. Her response was, there’s not enough research about mental illness and menopause in women. Mainly because most of the research is done by men. I totally agree with her, consider how long it took for people to take breast cancer seriously.

This is a man’s world… Hear the song in the background.

I must admit, I am feeling a bit better this morning after the increase. I don’t have that prickly feeling under my skin on my back. Which was terrible. We’ll see how it goes from here. Any relief is good.

It just scares me to think about 5 – 8 more years of this until things calm down for me. I can’t stop it, so I’m just gonna have to ride it thru somehow.

So much ahead of me next month. Various doctors appointments and events. I just hope I don’t burn myself out and become overwhelmed. I like to keep it simple. One major journey to my surgeon, dental appts. to make, the regular doc appts. and a baby shower… So far.

If I pace myself and try not to future think, I should be able to get thru this. I hope.