Yep, I said it. Perimenopause is possible for me. I’ve got some of the symptoms, word fishing, irritability, irregular periods, fatigue. Ugh. I’m just afraid I’ll go nuts like my great great aunt did.

I don’t know what to think at times. When does the BiPolar/Depression/Anxiety end and where does the hormonal shit begin? Right now, I’m full of anxiety. I can feel it in my back.

I’ve come to terms with no kids. No biggie, well actually it is, but I can live without. I have been. That time has past and I need to embrace what god holds for me in the future. He loves me, even if no non-family member does.

I would still like to have a relationship with someone. Find someone to love me for me. I think that would be good for me. It’s not too late. I just need to get out there and DO!! Even if it’s just going to the library every day and starting to read again.