I just really pushed someone’s buttons. So much, they ranted three posts about me in response and tried to discredit me etc. I replied and further ‘owned’ her. She’s a caustic bitch and knows it. I told her to take a pill and pet a cat. Really, she’s pitiful.

I don’t like arguing publicly, but she forced it out in the open. Knowing her, she’ll get rude or nasty etc. Either way, ‘I laugh at you’. She tries to portray me as a victim who whines. HA! She don’t know me very well, do she. I’m a fighter or else I would be dead.

I feel good right now. I really have no other interest in her or anyone elses replies on that board. So, fuck ’em. Never going back there again. Maybe to smite her again, but otherwise no support can be found there and no one can help me but me.

Yawn on the subject.

Now, the GYN went well, although I had my first hot flash last night. I really do think it’s perimenopause. She took blood to check hormones etc. See her again in February.
It originally bothered me that I have no children. But, everything for a reason. I’m beginning to think I’m better off without. As if I have a choice…
Trying to find an approach to what to do for the next couple of days. Got to watch things.. Hmmm.


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