Happy Birthday to me. I’m gonna see how many people wish me HB without prompting. Just too see. Because I’m in a crappy mood. Not because I’m 45, but because my mood has been very weird lately.

I think it’s the onset of menopause. Whoop. Which means I will never have a child of my own. But I pretty much knew that anyways. It’s kinda hard to accept, but if that’s what god wants. So be it. Maybe I’m better off, maybe not. I would have to go off my meds to carry a child. Something I just can’t do.

Also, in one year, I’ve gained 30 pounds. So it’s probably back to surgery for me. I really hope I can turn this around.

Med wise, I think I’m stable. I just don’t know. Therapy is gonna be interesting on Tuesday. I just don’t know.


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