Was a member of another board for a short amount of time. People seem to enjoy attacking virtual strangers they know nothing about. It must make them feel superior or something. The whole “low self-esteem” thing. I could retaliate, but instead; I just left. No need for negative people and negative things in my life.

I really don’t know them and they don’t know me. So, fuck it. They are NOT important to my survival. I will try not to waste another thought on the subject.

Not sure where to go with this post. Lately I’ve been consumed with thoughts about my illness. So scared of what I might do or not do. I know how I get. I would love these things to be a non-issue in my life, but for the moment, it is my main concern. I just wanna feel good again.

Then there’s the weight thing. Hmmm. In time. One thing at a time.