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Today I restart my Deplin at 7.5mg. Hopefully, I’ll have enough to last until I can afford to buy my full 15mg dosage I was on before my insurance stopped paying for it. Either way, I just hope I’ll be in a better state of mind for the next two weeks.

What I don’t understand is how they can classify Deplin as a ‘vitamin’. With all the studies showing how it works and it’s effectiveness with depression. It’s obviously more than just a ‘vitamin’. So many people are now without something that actually WORKED. This is hard to find. No side effects, at least I didn’t have any… And it bridged that gap between my anti depressant. Something Cymbalta couldn’t do for me.

There are a lot of us out there who are without meds now. Which only makes it more difficult when it comes to public perception. Untreated mental illness can be a dangerous thing. Either you self medicate or you act out. Sometimes, someone gets hurt or killed.

This country is so caught up on appearances. Mental illness is no longer something you hide in the shed or put away in a psychiatric hospital and pretend that it doesn’t exist. Too many ‘FUNCTIONING’ people suffer from it and need help to continue to function.

The stigma needs to be BUSTED! STIGMA BUSTERS

I wish I could support that link more. But it’s time for a change and it’s time for the government to do more than ‘put us away’.