I’ve noticed that on certain times of the day, I function better. Early morning, around 4AM until around 11AM I am at my prime. mood is set, I can get things done.
As the afternoon approaches, things become screwy. Concentration slips and I find it hard to cope. Two PM is the worst, I’m no good by then and I usually just stay in bed.
Leads to a very unproductive day, unless I have a Dr.’s appointment, then I can get a few more things done. But I usually make those for 9 or 10AM. Never an afternoon appointment, I just can’t seem too keep it together long enough.
It’s hard sometimes. Hard to try and work the world around my minds ability to ‘function’. But, I’ve been able too for many years. It puts you in a lonely place, but you learn to live with it. Sometimes.

Time and seasons. SAD is also a part of my life. Seasonal Affective Disorder. As if I needed another diagnosis. LOL. Oh well. I deal and I cope and I find solutions to the bullshit in my life. I’m a true Marine. I just don’t kill people.