There are times in my life where I have taken risks to improve my present condition. Some have failed, some have been positive. I believe risks are necessary to finding an ideal spot in life. But they come at a cost. Everything does.

Trying different medications until I find the right cocktail is a risk I have taken more than once. Sometimes the side effects are too much, sometimes it’s been a good experience. I’ve recently gone thru this and as much as I don’t enjoy the current effect, I know that once I get back to where I was, I can move forwards with my treatment and my life.

I took a risk and had two total knee replacements. Knowing I would be out of commission for about a year and probably gain weight. Which I have. The physical therapy is almost over. I still have a cane when I walk outside. But, I know I’m in better condition than I was before, knee wise.

With love… I have taken many risks and fallen back on my face. I’m done with that, the BP gets in the way and complicates things. Remember the post about not being able to trust your own thoughts. Well, not a good mix when pursuing a love interest. If it comes, it comes. If it doesn’t, so be it. I’ll be that spinster. But at least I’ll be stable.

Children… Also not on the menu. That time has past. Tried and failed. Also, no meds for the first 4 months. I couldn’t last. Oh well.

These are some of the risks I take to improve my life. Nothing great has happened, also nothing detrimental either. Boring average existence, kinda…


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