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Decided to stop the NAC, head feels better this afternoon. Gonna take 7.5 of my remaining deplin tomorrow. Hopefully I will get some relief. It’s been a tough week or so, but I’m still here.


3 thoughts on “Discontinue

  1. Were you paying for the NAC? Did they explain how and why the Deplin works and why it is so unique in its mechanism of action? I think it may help if one understands how and why the Deplin works just for the sake of placing an importance of the medication.


    1. yes, I was paying for the NAC. Only once though. It’s less than Deplin, but really did nothing for me in the way of symptoms. Yes, it was explained to me how Deplin works and I understand it is different than NAC. My pdoc and I thought we would try something else and see where it went.


  2. How much did you have to pay for the NAC? Is your insurance paying if at all? Did you read my comment on the cost for cash pay through Brand Direct Health? Did your Psych doc have samples for you?


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