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keeping sanity

There are days I find it difficult to hold it all together. Days when I feel like I’m unraveling and slowly losing control of my mind. Being aware of these feelings have helped me to HOLD ON.

Distraction is a great tool. Do something that is completely different from where your mind is or is going. Something unrelated to your worries and obsessions. For me, that’s music and sleep. I put the music on and become engrossed in the lyrics and melody. Filling my mind with nothing but music. I do this in a dark room with no other distractions. And slowly, I fall to sleep.

When I wake up, my mind feels rested and it’s clear. Of course the music should be soothing or at least relaxing. It might help to make a CD or have an iPod with those types of songs on them.

Decompressing – turn off all auditory and visual stimuli. TV, radio, lights. Close the door and embrace the silence. I get easily overstimulated. So this is something I’ve been doing lately. Overwhelmed, too much information coming in, so I cut it off and just take things moment by moment and slowly clear my mind. Some warm tea like “Tension Tamer” or “Sleepytime” help.

I always remind myself that everything is temporary. It may feel like forever, but it doesn’t last that long. “This too shall pass”. It all passes.

Would love to hear how others cope when they feel like it’s all falling apart.


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